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“ I don’t think I could say enough positive comments about our trip to Tanzania, specifically the climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro and safari in the Serengeti! ‘The Safari Arts Expedition’ touring company is unsurpassed in their organizational skills – from the time we arrived in Tanzania to our departure – all was carefully planned, well though-out and amazingly we experienced no ‘glitches’ I felt that even if there was an unexpected circumstance, the ‘guides’ would know what to do to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. ALL of the guides, Mt. Kilamanjaro/Sarengeti, were extremely capable, professional, very educated and knowledgeable of surrounding environment. I never for one moment felt that I was in danger or felt fear. I felt that I was taken care of, we were well informed before our arrival of what to expect and what to bring; not any room for doubt. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I hope that I will be able to re-visit Tanzania. I found the native Tanzania people to be very welcoming, genuine in their kindness and willingness to share their culture and surrounding environment. I hope and pray that they will not be taken advantage of by others whose intentions are not from the heart and with good-will. Again, I would highly recommend “The Safari Arts Expedition” company to organize a visit to Tanzania! OH! before I forget, the cooking and food we ate while on camping hike and safari was outstanding – there was never a time for a ‘want for food’!”
- Suzanne Schwartz






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Plant tree and cleaning the Arusha city by walter
About Mount Meru in Arusha National Park by walter

Mount Meru is the second highest peak in Tanzania; it rises up to 4566m (14990”). Mount Meru sits in the Arusha National Park, a small park (137 sq km or 53 sq miles) located in northern Tanzania. It is a very beautiful mountain known for its landscape and biodiversity of plants and wild animals. Mount Meru is not as well known as its neighbor Mount Kilimanjaro.

About Mount Kilimanjaro by walter

While the African people have known and used Mt. Kilimanjaro for hundreds of generations, the first recorded reference to the mountain were made by foreigners. Oddly enough, even though Kilimanjaro is a very large mountain and close enough to the trading caravan routes to be a key landmark for outsiders, there seems to be very few historical records.

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In the 19th century, Bagamoyo was a major port of the ivory trade and the terminus for the slave caravans, and briefly served as the capital of German East Africa. Fine Arabic and German colonial buildings are preserved in a lovely coastal setting.